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James Truslow Adams, who introduced the term “American Dream”, believed that “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” As someone who started his own business over two decades ago in pursuit of his own American Dream, Chris is passionate about transforming his clients’ American Dreams into reality through franchise business ownership.
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Chris’ interest in entrepreneurship started at an early age.  It just seemed like the best way to gain financial freedom and achieve a flexible schedule. After testing a variety of short-lived ventures, Chris said: no risk, no reward!

 This plunge resulted in a two decade journey as a multi-unit operator in what is now a national restaurant brand.

This defining experience taught Chris that being his own boss meant a lot more than a flexible schedule and financial freedom. It positioned him to leave a positive mark on the world.
Despite recessions, a pandemic, and the growing pains associated with an emerging brand, Chris persevered, learning to seek expert advice. He discovered that is what separates those who struggle in business from those who excel in their business.

Today, Chris delivers expert guidance, using a strategic process tailored to each client. He assists clients in choosing a GOOD franchise that is a great fit for them from a maze of 4,000 franchises and business opportunities from which to choose, finding the right one can be overwhelming. 
It's essential to have a trusted advisor to lead you through the noise and avoid the industry's pitfalls, helping you achieve your dreams. 

Chris’ goal is to equip his clients with the necessary tools and knowledge to make a sucess of the life-changing decision of starting a business. Chris’ experience, brand-awarded expertise, resources, and connections will prepare you to enter into, expand, and diversify your business with knowledge and confidence.
During this time, Chris also earned his M.B.A., led personal finance courses in the community, guest lectured on franchising at a local university, and did a variety of volunteer and mission-related work. In his spare time, Chris enjoys traveling with his wife, trying new restaurants, reading, writing, watching movies, and, of course, all things franchising!

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